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Create Your Wave

M-11 E - January 2024 Release Date Pre-orders Available

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Welcome to the economy version of the M-11: the M-11 E.

The M-11 E boasts:

  • Approximately 2 hour ride time,
  • 2.5 hour charge time,
  • 60Km/h max speed,
  • An expanded polypropylene shell,
  • Aluminum motorized parts,
  • Strong torque in turns and starts.

The advanced shell design of Create Your Wave's M-11 E gives you:

  • Unmatched stability, 
  • Excelled performance in cutting turns, and
  • Quick plane from dead stop in the water as you would expect from the M-11 product set.

Come experience the the M-11 E and Create Your Wave!!


Polypropylene deck and aluminum moving parts

Shipping & Returns

Please see Shipping and Returns Terms and Conditions. Can be supplied by e-mail. Please call before either to ensure shipping schedule and for RMA numbers.



Care Instructions

To Store: Remove Battery, fully charge, put battery in a "moderate room temperature" room. Do not place on cement. Put board in an enclosed place. Use a bio friendly spray to spray underside moving parts.
To charge battery: remove from board and follow YouTube video,
If you have any questions, please contact Create Your Wave Directly.