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Create Your Wave

e-Skateboard Create Your Wave's Apex

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Create Your Wave is proud to showcase the next evolution in Electric Skateboarding: the Apex!  

 The Apex Electric Skateboard's dual 1100 Watt motors and performance all terrain air tires enables the Apex to be a top predator; to eat up any environment:

  • From hills up to 38 degrees,
  • Stone,
  • Sand,
  • Grass and,
  • Pavement.

 The Apex Electric Surfboard Grants its rider :

  • Top speeds of 50kmph / 31Mph,
  • E- braking system,
  • Smooth, Great Feel of Terrain,
  • Unfailing blue tooth throttle,
  • An un-stacked Lithium cell battery configuration,
  • Advance grip air tires.

The Apex Electric Skateboard proves to be at the top of the food-chain.

Come, Create Your Wave with the Apex Electric Skateboard.


Trucks: Airplane Grade Aluminum , Deck: Canadian Maple, Bamboo, Battery: Lithium Ion

Shipping & Returns

Please see Shipping and Returns Terms and Conditions. Can be supplied in e-mail. Please call before either to ensure Shipping schedule and for RMA numbers.


122x28x48 cm

Care Instructions

For long term storage: please store in "normal room temperature" with batteries fully charged on remote and skateboard. In a relatively dry area.
Do not run through deep puddles or snow.
Be careful in high electrical/magnetical areas as they may interfere with blue tooth communications.
Ease into breaking and accelerating.