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The concept of Create Your Wave has been a life philosophy of our founder, Brad Anderson, for over 30 years.

Create Your Wave comes from a critical and conscientious way of positioning yourself in your environment: “There are those who let the waves of life push them to where other forces desire them to be.

There are those who make decisions on the “now”; never getting ahead of the present and past. They miss out on many different aspects on what could happen.

There are those who sit and wait for the “perfect wave”.

Then there are those who create their wave and drive past those who either are waiting or being pushed by their environmental forces. It is a conscious and dedicated way of looking at life and all one endures and appreciates.”

We invite you to be a part of this legacy: to Create Your Wave.

Create Your Wave is a forward-thinking company, not just as a powered surfboard company, but also for the environment, our customers and partners. It’s our purposeful intention, from all points of contact, you see us as one of the “good guys” and in hopes we lead our competitors and partners in a similar direction.

When you ride our boards please be aware of your surroundings and act accordingly. In many cases one may see one as just that: one. We ask that you be the one who makes a difference and realize the consequences for only seeing yourself as one of millions.

We believe it was best said, “To the world you may be one, but to one you may be the world”. We also ask you to share the environment: with swimmers, other craft owners, etc. please be conscientious to all those around and always use safe and polite watercraft practices.

Create Your Wave offers leading powered surfboard products in the marketplace in each of their products sets: Family Powered Surfboard – the Cruse, Performance Powered Surfboard -the Tomahawk, Family Electric Surfboard – the Slide, Performance Electric Surfboard – the Blade, and Electric Powered Hoverboard – the Kite.

For our gas-powered crafts only use premium gas with no ethanol. For the electric boards only use the equipment provided for your craft specifically.

Please never charge your batteries on or near water and never put any battery directly on cement or concrete.

Each product is a leader in their product grouping and designed specifically for the demands of its audience. All the board decks and backs can be customized to specification.

When you fall, and you will, you can expect the board to be within 3 ft or 1 m of you as the jet impeller works as a brake without throttle.

We are excited about the opportunity of working with you and thank you for visiting our website.

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The Maverick

Welcome to Create Your Wave’s non-convention:
The Maverick.

Like Samuel Maverick or in surfing terms our Maverick sets itself from the pack. The Maverick is the most advanced, high performance electric powered surfboard.

The Maverick boasts a ride time of over 1-hour, with a 2-hour charge time. With speeds reaching a maximum of 57 KM/h, 36 M/H and acceleration with no questions asked. The Maverick promises to be a real favourite among advanced powered surfers. The board’s sleek design is specific for carving turns, base acceleration and getting out of the tunnel quickly and effortlessly. The board specifications are determinant on pilot weight being under 100kg’s or 220 lbs.

The shell is made from carbon fibre, ensuring longevity of the board. The exposed parts are aluminum, again with all Create Your Wave electric boards, granting the board a 0-carbon footprint for the environment.

The Apex

Create Your Wave is proud to showcase their newest innovation in electric skateboards: the Apex! The Apex’s dual 1100 Watt motors and performance all terrain air tires enables the Apex to be a top predator; to eat up any environment: from hills up to 38 degrees, sand, stone, grass and pavement.

The Apex’s Canadian Maple deck grants the rider a comfortable ride with a good feel of the terrain. With top speeds of 38kmph / 23Mph, ABS breaking, unfailing blue tooth throttle, and un-stacked Lithium cell battery configuration, the Apex proves to be at the top of the food-chain.

Come, Create Your Wave with the Apex Electric Skateboard.

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Questions and Product Support

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The Kite

Create Your Wave’s name for our hover board, Kite, is by no mistake. The Kite is one of natures most elegant flyers in the Avery World: this board stays true to her name. Like the Kite she is very adept in sea and fresh water.

She is fully electric and has a 0-carbon-footprint as all parts touching the water are carbon fibre. Your speed control is wireless via Blue Tooth. There are many advance technologies embedded in the board such as the kill switch tether, the battery technology and, also the below water fin, again shaped like a Kite’s.

The Kite enables the “average weighted” pilot to float above the water at maximum speeds of 50 Km/H or 35 M/H. The run time is approximately 1 hour at full throttle constant with a 2-hour charge time at best performance. The battery is powered at 2800 Watts. In perspective the average car/wheel chair battery is under 100 Watts. Fully assembled the Kite weighs in under 23 KGs or 50lbs, almost as much as the batteries for a car or wheel chair.

As with its competitors in Nature we are hard pressed to find a true competitor in the electric powered hover surfboard marketplace for the Kite.

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The Maverick

Price: $10,035.00 CDN including taxes and CANADIAN Shipping
Special COVID Pricing
Shipping to the USA & International: Call Brad at 705-331-3409

The Apex

Price: $1150.00 CDN including taxes and CANADIAN Shipping
Special COVID Pricing
Shipping to the USA & International: Call Brad at 705-331-3409

The Kite

Price: $10,435.00 CDN including taxes and CANADIAN Shipping
Special COVID Pricing
Shipping to the USA & International: Call Brad at 705-331-3409

Total Cost of Ownership PWC Vs. Maverick

I thought I would write this blog on a different note. I went through the following information with my nephew and thought it may be an interesting spreadsheet to share. Most are his numbers, dealing with PWC’s.

It took a few phone calls and some driving, but I believe the numbers will drive many of the points home. Today I will share a Total Cost of Ownership scenario for traditional PWC’s and electronic surfboards.

It should be noted that this is purely a financial analysis. It does not consider noise and gas / oil pollution etc. variables with a combustion engine on the water, ease of transportation, set up, etc.

Before we start, this analysis, assumes the owner will have the marina close to “the shop” do repairs and maintenance, gas, etc. with hydro, I do not have the meters to gauge, it is a rough assumption.

Description Cost e-surfboard (Maverick )/ Cost PWC (Personal Water Craft)


These are estimations – not exact numbers. There are also other things to take into consideration as well, such as your requirements i.e. if you are planning to go out for more than 2 hours on the surfboard: the battery technology simply is not there yet (1 hr ride time, 2 hour charge time).

On the other hand, if you plan on being able to go from water way to water way: consider boat launch costs for PWC, also “trailering”, etc. The surfboard fits in most hatches, and trunks of cars, trucks, etc. and carries easily.

I would encourage you to use your own numbers. As GI Joe used to say, “Knowing is half the battle”.

Please stay safe!!

Spring: How I long for Spring

It is difficult to hold back the enthusiasm for an early spring this year. Willie,, on Groundhog Day, said it would be an early spring here in Canada. In walking through the forest with my dog over the weekend, it appears like the waterways are going to break soon. I have also noticed a “spring” in my step as of late. I feel the adrenaline building and burning as I wait for the sounding gun of spring.

With all the signs around, one more came to pass. Something I have never seen before. I saw a wasp sunning itself on a snow bank. To some, they would pass by, not giving it a thought. I had to stop, ponder and take a picture.

It would be nice to have an early spring, although I do like the winter too. I feel I will soon miss the crisp air, goose bumps, the feel of walking on fresh snow, the clean white all around, and the sports winter brings.

On the Create Your Wave side, we are working to the 1st break of ice. The Maverick will have some very nice surprises that we will be releasing soon on our social media channels. The Kite has been going through changes as well and, like the Maverick, will be a true crowd pleaser, leading our competitors in green transportation watersports.

With all that is happening, I feel like the one outside the glass, waiting patently, or not so, knocking saying, “Can I please come in?”

I hope to see you on the water soon!!

Remembrance Day

Afriend of my son’s came over today wearing a poppy. I was taken back as he lives on his own and obviously, he wore it with purpose. After a discussion, as I always love to discuss with my son’s friends, I asked what is with the poppy? I have my own reasons for wearing a poppy on Remembrance Day, but I wanted to know his..

He simply said to remember those who fought in the wars and gave their lives for the life we currently take for granted. A tear swelled in my eye and then I asked, do you know the symbols in the poppy? I know it was a stretch, but this was handed down from my grandfather. He did not know. Thus, I told him the story as it was told to me…I hope I got it right as it has been years since the inference was told to me.

Today I gladly pass it onto you:

Many died brutally to ensure we could all live the life we choose. The red is the blood of all those who gave their lives for all of us.

Today we celebrate not only those who gave their lives, but their loved ones that they left behind. In many cases it is their sacrifice. Those left behind: their sacrifices were greater than those who died: fighting for the life we all enjoy. The black represents the mourning of those who didn’t have their loved ones return home.

In many wars, there is the promise of a better life for the future and future generations. It is our job to ensure that promise is kept. For those, who endure war, nothing will ever be the same again. The green leaf , no longer in the poppy we wear, represents the grass and crops growing and future prosperity as the war destroyed so much: Lives, land, families, neighbourhoods, countries the world many knew and loved: it is now gone and over.

WW1 formally ended November 11, at 11:00. The leaf should be positioned at 11 o’clock to represent the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the time that World War One formally ended.

The poppy should be worn on the left to keep those who died and sacrificed so much close to your heart.

My Grandfather, Douglas Hindson, loved to tell stories as well. It was early morning, in November 1918. Grandpa trained for 1 year for this moment. His first mission as a fighter pilot. Back then the planes were no more than paper and light wood. You shot with a riffle, he told me, propped up in front of you on a spindle. There were no safety gadgets: nothing. Thus, you could shoot your own wings, your propeller, the body of the plane, etc. and many did. There were more deaths to pilots shooting down their own planes and the planes design themselves than actual combat: we can all only imagine what is was like.

This young man, mid teens, gets into this plane. Gets up into the air and sees his first target. He gets a call: the war is over. As he makes his round to turn the other plane tips it’s wings and they all fly home. He said they were almost close enough to see each other’s face.

I can only imagine how both were feeling at the time: relief, passing fear, regret for those who previously themselves in the same circumstance.

One could say it is by pure luck and happenstance my family and I are here today as minutes earlier not only myself, but my mom, aunts, uncle, brothers, sister, my son, cousins, nephews, nieces: we all – may not be…

Thank you – Grandpa – for your story, perspective, and your legacy!!

Thanksgiving: Cottage-life

As we are approaching the monumental Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada, I find myself at a point of internal debate. As with many in Northern Ontario it is the time when the leaves change and sunsets over the lakes become a real spectacle. This year will be no exception!

Internal Debate 1

The internal debate then? Over the years many have been talking about Global warming. Although true, We in Canada have yet to see winters and summers as when I was a toddler: Snow higher than a grown man, Ski hills with chair lifts that the skiers drag their skies over when lifted to the top of the hill, summers that reach into the 100’s, and the such. Would it be safe to say that we have global levelling? Simply the highs and lows appear to be a thing of the past. It would appear this year as well. Never do I remember being able to swim during the Thanksgiving weekend without a dry suit. At this time of the year, it was “give or take” as to snow. Although in other parts of Canada, yes: it is snowing, but the degree in temperature throughout the seasons again appears to be shrinking.

Internal Debate 2

The history and concepts of Thanksgiving. For my family for generations, this upcoming weekend was the traditional “close the cottage” weekend. The families in the bay would band together, get all the work done to close all the cottages and feast on the Monday, discuss the summer and what fun we had, and the older generation would talk about the future and “Do you remember?? – when we were kids” Although the adults would talk, I think I learned more about my parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents etc. than I would anywhere else. Although I am in the generation now of “remember when”, and have a few of my own, I still love to hear the stories of the past and legacy at the cottage.

I apologize as I reminisce, but it provides a dilemma to the debate. With the “global temperature leveling”, feel free to use the term, I wonder if there are still stories unwritten – yet; to be told for the year. In closing the cottage on the traditional time – breaking traditions: do I hold out for the – when ever the season determines me to do so??

It is funny as I look around and see nature in the similar respect. Ducks getting ready to fly south: Yes: some have already left – tradition -, yet some have not. Deer and Moose are doing the same: some have already moved to their fall and winter grounds, yet some remain. Squirrels gathering nuts: some are going crazy: Hyperactive with 10 large coffees sets in, “I Must find More Nuts!” Others are basking in the sun, “Chilling on a tree branch”.

It is almost like the wild is in a huge shrug with me: “what do I do??” Some have already made their decisions and put them into action. Some have decided there is more time. Some have done an in-between, i.e., I will do some now and when appropriate, finish and move on.

I wonder in the year what will happen in cottager life. Will some follow traditions to the “T”? Will others bask in the sun? Will some do an in-between? Neighbors I have you covered; bringing wine for the “chillers”, extra coffee for the “hypers”, both for the “inbetweeners”!!

This Thanksgiving Weekend will be interesting to see how things unfold. Well time to leave this thought as my son is calling.

Thank you for reading!!

I look forward to reading your comments at

Gas Vs. Electric Powered Surfboards

Given the advancements in batteries over the past few years, the gap between gas and electric is closing quickly. Some may say that the gap has already been closed. I will break down this argument into the most popular points asked by our marketplace:


Yes, at 1st an electric board cost more: upfront.
When considered gas, maintenance, replacement parts, time and consideration, break and fix these costs gap closes quickly over time.
In time (in many circumstances) within 1 season one would at least break even, with an additional battery purchase.

We are seeing better torque from our Electric Surfboards than from gas. The batteries that are out there have really come a long way in wattage, voltage, and reduction in charge time. Also given there is one variable – electrical current controlling torque with Electric Motors, as apposed to 3 with gas, again performance, speed, and simplicity goes to Electric.

Electric Motors are lighter and have less components than Gas Motors; on average. The issue is that the batteries usually weigh more than a full gas compartment. Having said that, the gap is closing and currently the difference is very slight.

In truth, this is a touchy subject, and requires research from where you reside.
Many places around the world now have end-of-life battery depots. Depending on your location, battery recycling may be advanced or “slim to none”. Although the adoption of recycling batteries is becoming more of a world-wide norm, even at the depots, the question of what happens to this battery can be a discerning question. On this note as well, determining the environmental footprint on electric power again can be a difficult task.
Moving to a gas-powered engine, one of the many poor environmental results is carbon. Given these boards are an aquatic mode of transportation the end-product is bad for the water, environment, etc. In many cases the marketing terms for environmentally friendly gas-powered motors are thus: “market-ware”. When you take off, in most cases, there is still a gas smear on the water.
It will be interesting over the next short term to watch the marketplace for gas vs. electric powered watercraft. Battery advancements make it an interesting argument to go with electric. The main question is, “Are we, as a marketplace, ready?”

Let your purchasing dollars toll your votes.

I will sign off till the next blog. Again, thank you for reading!! We look forward to your comments:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility appears to be an up and coming term put in many organizations’ website platforms. For the last decade, or more, many companies have adopted this “forward thinking” philosophy in their daily and forward corporate and individual mindset.

Put simply, Social Responsibility is a purposeful statement or methodology to ensure right is done for the environment in which the individual/company resides, ensure its partners are in a congruent mindset, and – also to assist in positive change.

At the end of the day, many feel it is what all companies should do and are most often assumed. We as, individuals and company bodies, should focus on the simplicity as its most minute detail if we do good; good comes back. If we do good, by its simplest and truest nature, logically, we will attract good business, good partners, good life, etc. There are many similar philosophies before Corporate Social Responsibility was strewn: “the law of 3”, “what comes around – goes around”, “do unto others”, and others.

In the above context, then, is corporate responsibility an entity for patting themselves on the back? In a perfect world, I would say “yes”. The issue is that, apparently, we are not luxated to be in such an environment. Currently, like individuals, corporations are holding their hands in the air to say: “Hey we are one of the good guys”. They put their statements for all stakeholders to see; for them to take measure and in some cases engage with them. Personally, the last is the most important – feed back from stakeholders. This takes the back patting off the table, it puts the ownice to the company’s environment: by definition; all that surrounds them – physically and metaphysically.

Our statements for Corporate Responsibility are as follows in context:

Environment: Be purposeful and mindful to do no harm. Be a proponent and champion in ensuring its longevity. If you see something wrong, if you can and have the authority, it is your obligation to fix the issue. Read, listen, learn, educate and do your part as a residence in your environment.
Stakeholders: Treat all stakeholders with, at the very least, the same respect, dignity, and communications than you demand for yourself.
Charity: Be charitable with your time and knowledge, but not at the risk of company and self. Create Your Wave gives a chartable donation to Ducks Unlimited as a portion of their net income yearly.
Thank you for reading! We look forward to your thoughts and input and hope this blog will become a living document for us and our stakeholders; giving all transparency to our corporation and culture environment and all stakeholders.

Work Out

There was a time when I would go to the gym 3 – 5 days a week. I joined many of my friends and we would go and work out on weights, run around a rubber track, do yoga, pass a medicine ball back and forth, do the exercise class etc.

I was searching for ways to get in shape with good results at first and then my body fell into a conundrum. It seemed that no matter what I did, I could not get to where I wanted to be. I decided to get a fitness trainer, started meal plans, work out plans etc. Obviously, my financial demands were increasing as well. Again, months went by with an initial spike of improvement and then the flat line.

It seemed that no matter what I tried in the work out world, I just could not get my body to where I wanted. The workouts were becoming routine and the food I was eating was just a twist on the same food and my goals for weight and muscle to fat appeared to be out of reach.

I decided it was time to do a radical change. One Saturday, I decided to write down all the activities I like to do: water sports, running in the forests, tennis, etc. I started to categorize the type of activities like my fitness instructor did as per the facility. Then I started to create a plan involving the activities as per their type. I decided to create my meal plan: heavy in carbs for aerobic, light in carbs for anaerobic. I discovered the more activities I engaged the better the results. I started to see big changes and quickly. Within 4 months I bypassed my most successful milestones. Within 1 year I achieved my goals and have not looked back at the gym since.

I found I had more time and discovered more activities that I would if I stayed at the gym. Some good examples were wheel chair rugby, jai alai, paddle ball, and obviously powered surfing. I also discovered I am outside more than I was in the past, and my experiences have formed interesting discussions with many people that, again, I would not have if I stayed in a gym.

Please don’t misunderstand I am not suggesting we “tear-down the church”, what I am saying is maybe the answers are in front of us and have been there for generations. “Get out there and have fun, try new things”, don’t worry if at 1st you are not a pro the people around you will help if you ask nicely”.

Watercraft Community – The Wave

Awhile ago I took my best friend and her daughter out on the surf boards. While we were cruising along the calm waters. Soon we got to a more congested area of boats. Although to me, it appeared we had lots of room, I noticed my best friend’s daughter appearing more and more nervous.

After a while I could see that she was actually becoming scared. To me the surroundings were as easy as waking up on a Saturday morning. To her, it appeared chaotic. Me, being myself, I came close to her and asked what is wrong. She said she wondered if anyone could see her as the boats were very large in comparison. I suggested that when ever a boat came close to simply waive. I told her it would be a great surprise for her, as naturally she is shy.

It gave me great joy to see the change in her. I don’t know if it is like a custom on the lakes around, but everyone started waiving back at her. Eventually she gracefully fell into the water and everyone around came rushing to see if she was all right. When they saw that she was fine, they started asking her questions about the powered surfboard, it was watching a caterpillar grow to a butterfly. She started to lose her introverted ways and started leading conversations.

A time passed and she was up and riding again, shoulders back, smiling, and waiving to all…again all smiling and waiving back. You see on the surrounding lakes where I Powersurf it is an old custom to waive at passers by. When she asked why all waived back to her, I couldn’t resist in telling her that when a beautiful woman waives, such as you, around here everyone waives back.

To see that change in her was one of my greatest days. I don’t know if it is a custom everywhere on waters, as I can only hope. It would be nice if everywhere it was like it is on the waters of the lake. When someone waives, everyone waives back. If someone falls all come running to help. Talking to strangers is easy and it’s always welcome, and almost expected.

I would like to thank all on the waters that behave in such a way. I wish all would: in every aspect in every way. To all around it was just another day on the lake. To me it was Saturday.

The Environment in which we Play

Isaw a video recently of one of our competitors. It killed me so much that I had to write a blog about it and ask for explanation of logic and empathy. Before I start, I understand that it may cause accelerated discussions but please keep in mind the intended context of this discussion. The context is to create thought and to question.

The video in context was on a competitors’ youtube feed. The question: Part A Why would a company suggest that its customers and constituents use a product that has warnings in their MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) about using it for their intended purpose? Part B Why would they suggest using the same product type that is a severe danger to the environment in which we play? Part C Why has no one challenged them on these grounds: till now.

The product in question is a petroleum-based lubricant. The case was to spray it in the engine compartment before going out on the water. Does the company not realize that petroleum catches fire and can explode in an enclosed environment? Did they not realize that their customer is standing on top of the engine compartment and in water where this could occur? Did they suppose for a moment that petroleum spreads over water? Did they suppose that a petroleum patch is in any way good for the environment in which we play?

To force ill to the sick when the rider came in, from his ride, he put the board on a stand and drained the water from the compartment onto the sand just feet away from the water; without any doubt, putting petroleum into the ocean.

The other question I have is what does this company stand for? Protection, appreciation, aspiration of their customer? One may say “no”: that may appear obvious to some. Protection of the waters in which we all play? Again, one may have the same answer. Are they so short sighted that if they become a world leader as we all strive to be, there will be no market as – may I will let you draw that line to the answer?

For the sake of hope that our esteemed competitor retracts I found a product that is a better substitute in all ways than the product they endorsed. It is fully biodegradable, and the company claims that it has a 0 impact on the environment. Our suggestion is TRC Biodegradable Extreme Hydraulic Oil. Please be clear we do not endorse the product and we are in no way related to the company ( We are only, specifically, suggesting……

I think it best I sign off till the next blog…thank you for reading and look forward to your comments!