Create Your Wave's - Mission and Core Values

Create Your Wave's mission is to be Your Chosen Product Vendor for electric skateboarding and electric surfing activities.

We will accomplish the above by adhering these Core Values always: 

  • Providing an atmosphere, always, where integrity and honesty are paramount.
  • Hire those that are naturally talented, and attitude aligned in their fields of interest; realizing skill can be taught and nurtured. Attitude – not so much.
  • Offering superior products that are ethical in supply chain and are environmentally friendly.
  • See in all aspects: There is only 1 side. The goal is to have us all on 1 side.  It is not “your side”.  It is not “my side”.  It is “our side”.  If “we” are not on the “same side” at any time, we are both “off-side”.