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Create Your Wave

E-Surfboard Create Your Wave M-11

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Welcome to Create Your Wave’s non-convention, electric  surfboard: The M-11.

After 7 years and 11 prototypes, Create Your Wave is proud to release the M-11.  The M-11 is the most advanced Jet Powered Electric Surfboard on the marketplace today.

The M-11 Electric Powered Surfboard boasts:

  • A 2 hour ride time,
  • 1 hour charge time,
  • 60Km/h max speed,
  • Pure carbon fiber shell,
  • Airplane grade aluminum parts
  • Unmatched torque.

The advanced shell design of Create Your Wave's M-11  gives you:

  • Unmatched stability,
  • Excelled performance in cutting turns, and
  • Quick plane from dead stop in the water.

Worried about your battery life when you are out from shore? Worry no more as the L.E.D. voltage gauge on the nose of the surfboard lets you know.

Come experience the most advanced electric surfboard in the marketplace today: The M-11 and Create Your Wave!!


Deck: 100% pure carbon fibre
Moving parts: airplane grade aluminum
Battery: Lithium Ternary

Shipping & Returns

Please see Shipping and Returns Terms and Conditions. Can be supplied in e-mail. Please call before either to ensure Shipping schedule and for RMA numbers.


180x61x14 cm

Care Instructions

To Store: Remove Battery, fully charge, put battery in a "moderate room temperature" room. Do not place on cement. Put board in a enclosed place. Use a bio friendly spray to spray underside moving parts.
To charge battery: remove from board and follow You Tube video.
If you have any questions, please contact Create Your Wave directly.