e-foils and Propeller Surfboards: Illegal in CA

e-Foils/Propeller Driven Surfboards are Illegal in Canada

e-Foils/Propeller Driven Surfboards are Illegal to ride in Canada.  They are not illegal to sell.

It is now illegal to pilot any open propeller driven surfboards in Canada, and gas-powered surfboards are becoming more under review.

I will try and summarize for you the new regulations:

  • If you pilot a gas-powered jet powered surfboard, you will now have to register it with Transportation Canada and provide the stickers on an easily seen surface on the board.  
  • If you operate an e-hydrofoil or any open propeller type surfboard, you will be in violation of Transport Canada’s small boating laws and may be exposed to fines and penalties .
  • For equipment required, one will need a life jacket or Personal Floatation Device (usually warn), and a whistle or sound device.  You will also need a Boater’s License for gas and electric powered surfboards.  There are some circumstances that allow for a proof of competency. 

In concluding, what does this mean for Create Your Wave and our product offerings?  Not much.  We stopped selling and making Gas Surfboards years ago, for many reasons.  

We found the hydrofoil simply too dangerous.  No matter what engineering and re-engineering our board undertook, we could not overcome: when you fall:

  • you go down,
  • the board goes up with a sharp fin,
  • at 50km/h or so.

Conversely, our M-11 surfboard is an electric, jet powered surfboard, making it ready to go: “out of the box”. 

Well, I must go; family is calling. 

Stay safe and look forward to seeing you out on the water!!

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