Create Your Wave / Powerboating Magazine Article

Create Your Wave / Powerboating Magazine Article

Imagine gliding effortlessly across the water at a thrilling speed of 70 Km/h, cutting through waves with unmatched stability and turning on a dime. Welcome to the exhilarating world of Create Your Wave’s M-11 S, the fastest and most advanced electric surfboard in today’s marketplace.

The M-11 S boasts an impressive set of features that make it stand out in the electric surfboard arena. With a ride-time of approximately 1.5 hours and a quick 2-hour charge time, this board offers an optimal balance between performance and convenience. The wireless 2.4 GHz remote ensures an uninterrupted connection, providing advanced riders with the freedom to navigate the waves seamlessly.

Crafted with precision, the M-11 S features a carbon fiber shell and airplane-grade aluminum motorized parts, ensuring durability and strength. The deck is made from 100% pure carbon fiber, providing not only a sleek appearance but also enhancing the board’s overall performance. The lithium ternary battery, with a quick-release screw buckle fixation method, powers the board, offering a maximum speed of 70 Km/h and a waterproof rating of IP67 for both the board and battery.

One of the standout qualities of the M-11 S is its advanced shell design, providing unparalleled stability and excelling in cutting turns. The board’s quick planing ability for a dead-stop in the water showcases the high-performance capabilities expected from the M-11 product set.

The ethos behind Create Your Wave is not just about creating cutting-edge electric surfboards and skateboards; it’s a life philosophy embodied by its founder, Brad Anderson, for over 30 years. “Create Your Wave” encourages individuals to be proactive in shaping their destiny, transcending the passive currents of life.

As a forward-thinking company, Create Your Wave emphasizes environmental responsibility and ethical practices. They strive to be recognized not only as leaders in powered land and water sports but also as stewards of the environment. The company encourages riders to be conscientious of their surroundings, promoting safe and polite practices when enjoying their electric surfboards.M-11 S

Create Your Wave offers more than just a product; it invites individuals to be a part of a legacy – to create their wave and drive past the waiting and passive forces. The M-11 S and the Apex skateboard represent the pinnacle of electric-powered sports equipment, designed specifically for the demands of their audience.

In conclusion, Create Your Wave is not just selling surfboards; they are offering an experience, a lifestyle, and a commitment to shaping a better future. By choosing Create Your Wave, you’re not just riding a surfboard; you’re riding the future of electric-powered water sports. Join the movement, create your wave, and let the adventure begin. 

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