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Create Your Wave - Eco Friendly

Create Your Wave – Truly Eco Friendly

Create Your Wave puts the environment at the forefront of their priorities of the product lines.

Hitting the new and improved 2020’s, many companies are operating at an entirely different outlook on sustainability, eco-friendly, and transparency actions than ever before.  We have seen an increase in bloggers and in popularity discussing eco-friendly change or mind-space.

Lately we have had many questions surrounding the eco friendliness of Create Your Wave’s products in comparison to our competition.  We thought we would break things down into points as to our sustainability for eco-friendly:

Create Your Wave Surfboards – M-11:

  • Our surfboards are made with the environment in mind,
  • The shell of our surfboard is made from Carbon Fiber: The lowest water degradation composition available with today’s technology.
  • All moving parts are designed for low to no friction: Low to no friction means no coolant or lubricants required.
  • Water does not enter the board what-so-ever. The boards have an IP-67 waterproof rating: The boards do not impact water purity.
  • All metals used are non-corrosive – Airplane Grade Aluminum: The boards do not impact water purity.
  • The boards are electric. There are no emissions and 0 carbon footprint.
  • Quiet: Does not adversely affect environment.
  • Low profile and wave: Safe for soft shore banks.

Many of our competitors list their boards and define their eco friendliness or 0 carbon footprint by them being electric alone. 

To Create Your Wave, there is more than a board being electric to being sustainable eco-friendly.  From engineering to practice, Create Your Wave chooses to put the environment at the forefront of their priorities.

Create Your Wave Skateboards – The Apex:

  • Decks are made from Canadian Maple. Combines durability with amazing feel for terrain.
  • Trucks and moving parts are made from airplane grade aluminum. Parts will not rust and are very durable from break do to impact on rough terrain.
  • Wheels are comprised of rubber compound. Again, very durable for their task.
  • Electric Powered. Again, eco-friendly given inherent specifications.
  • Independent suspension, and accelerated e-braking system. Breaking system does not degrade into the environment.

Inclusivity, transparency, and diversity are paramount to being able to change the world for the better. When we all work together to impact on our environment, we stand a better chance for a brighter future for our ourselves, our families, and our surroundings.

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