Cost M-11 vs PWC in 1st year

Cost M-11 vs PWC in 1st year

This blog will look at the costs comparison of a PWC and the M-11 Electric Surfboard for the 1st year.

thought I would write this blog on a different note. I went through the following information with my nephew and thought it may be an interesting spreadsheet to share. 

Today I will share a Total Cost of Ownership scenario for traditional PWC’s and electronic surfboards.

It should be noted that this is purely a financial an (TCO) analysis. It does not consider noise and gas / oil pollution etc. variables with a combustion engine on the water, ease of transportation, set up, etc.

Before we start, this analysis, assumes the owner will have the marina close to “the shop” do repairs and maintenance, gas, etc. with hydro, I do not have the meters to gauge, it is a rough assumption.

Description Cost e-surfboard (M-11 ) / Cost PWC (Personal Water Craft) in 1st Year Ownership

Description (Assume 14 weekends) M-11  PWC
Purchase Price  $  18,000.00  $  21,000.00
Fuel (assume 8hrs per weekend)  $          42.00  $  11,001.76
Winter Storage $0  $        342.50
Spring release $0  $        342.50
Maintenance $0  $        579.95
Total:  $  18,042.00  $  33,226.71



We assumed 14 weekends of summer fun!!

These are estimations – not exact numbers that I exerted from the web at the time.  The numbers above are derived from the bullet points below:

There are also other things to take into consideration as well, such as your requirements i.e. if you are planning to go out for more than 2 hours on the surfboard: the battery technology simply is not there yet (2 hr ride time, 1 hour charge time for the M-11).

On the other hand, if you plan on being able to go from water way to water way: consider boat launch costs for PWC, also “trailering”, etc. The surfboard fits in most hatches, and trunks of cars, trucks, etc. and carries easily.

I would encourage you to use your own numbers. As GI Joe used to say, “Knowing is half the battle”.

Please stay safe!!

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